I  lovingly craft these pieces by hand, using either two or four knitting needles. This makes each piece truly unique!
By the time your hand-knit pieces reach you they will have had a very rich and varied life.  Each hand-knitted garment takes shape in many different locations as I often hand-knit   wherever, and whenever I can. This infuses each hand-knit garment with the love, laughter and warmth of life.
I have been  knitting since childhood and hopefully my love of knitting shows in the beautiful patterns and the detail  work that goes into our garments at Sussex Needles. Some of our pieces can take up to a staggering 90 hours to make just one single style….. Fairly slow process to hand knit or sew… but the end result is first class , hand crafted items are often more expensive than factory machine made knits,,,,but they last a lifetime and like anything…..you get what you pay for…. and of course no two items can ever be the same….. similar but not identical…

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  1. My great granddaughter, Ember, absolutely loves her poncho and ear warmer. Lynne, you are just a magician when it comes to making beautiful things. Thank you so much – we did get the poncho and ear warmer off her before she went to bed! lol

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